Who Is The Most Dominant In Bts

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Who Is The Most Dominant In Bts. That is of course the purple-loving dog owner Kim Taehung also known by his stage name V. There is one other member of BTS though who sometimes uses his right hand.

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But we all know Rapmon watches porn so maybe he knows more stuff lol. I feel Jin have the greatest dominant quality which is self confidence and we have seen him being very good at every overseas shows and concerts and also he is the only one who can control suga as well. BTS is right behind.

The rest of the members of BTS not mentioned in Part One all fall under the.

Hed love the feel of your body. Im probably getting this from the fact that Jin is the oldest hyung and he tends to be the disciplinarian in the group. The company which went public last year in one of the highest profile IPOs of 2020 has been dominant in South Korea in the past few years thanks to the popularity of BTS. His dominant hand Around 90 of people in the world are.