What Does 97 Liner Mean In Kpop

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What Does 97 Liner Mean In Kpop. The word 배 bae can mean two things in Korean. The reason is that they all generally have that refined Korean celebrity look and because of this we assume that they are all Korean.

97 Liner Kpop Group Chat Ezu Photo Mobile
97 Liner Kpop Group Chat Ezu Photo Mobile from ezuphoto-mobile.blogspot.com

The people dragging the other 97 liners into this mees are honestly disgusting. Mostly they are the maknaes of the 2nd generation idol groups or the oldest in the 3rd generation groups. It just means the last two digits of their birth year.

And 아파 apa from the word 아프다 apeuda means pain or ache.

The group of friends is made up of BTS s Jungkook NCT s Jaehyun GOT7 s BamBam and Yugyeom and SEVENTEEN s Mingyu DK and THE8. The group was composed of ten members. 97 lines where BTS Jungkook NCT Jaehyun SEVENTEEN Mingyu DK ASTRO Eunwoo etc. Many often get quite surprised to find other peoples ages when they are on public chats.