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Reddit Kpop Idol Tennis White Guy. Some often do extreme diets to get the perfect body shape. There was a Korean-American contestant name John Park who was accompanied by a white girl during his audition.

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Watch YouTube and you will see a lot of channels made by non-Asian females who date. K-Pop Korean popular music is a musical genre consisting of pop dance electropop hiphop rock RB and electronic music originating in South Korea. Korean wave makes people more accustomed to Asian faces and make us look less like aliens for non-Asians.

I swear some ppl are too deep into this kpop thing its supposed to be fun not bitter.

Anyways I feel like 99 of idols just look worse with these unnatural hair colors and doesnt do their visuals justice. Im still up to answering more questions as long as they are sensible Im going to sleep now get a good nights sleep after all these years. View Entire Discussion 2 Comments More posts from the kpop community. Most idols are in 7 year contracts some of which cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees to break.