Kpop Idols With Poor Eyesight

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Kpop Idols With Poor Eyesight. These 5 idols who I have on the list of idols who seem like they have bad attitudes could have misunderstandings about them or there have been articles written about them regarding their attitude. These 6 female idols are defying the rules and fans love them even more for it.

Account Suspended Wonwoo Seventeen Wonwoo Seventeen
Account Suspended Wonwoo Seventeen Wonwoo Seventeen from

Woah is exactly the word Id use to describe Yuju in this GIF. Theres just something so adorable. Theres this kind of unwritten rule in K-pop Im still trying to understand where male acts earn more from album sales and touring and female acts tend to make most of their money from endorsement deals Benjamin says.

Oh how we love the iconic eye smile.

Kim Jongdae Chen Kim Minseok Xiumin also wear glasses. How well do you really know your favorite idols. K-pop groups differ from the majority of their Western counterparts in that theyre formed via a large-scale auditioning process similar in format to shows such as American IdolHowever K-pop. Kim Junmyeon Suho wore glasses pre-debut.