Kpop Idols With Close Set Eyes

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Kpop Idols With Close Set Eyes. Like Nayeon she too has double eye lids. Nayeon has gorgeous close set eyes with a deep double eye lid that only enhances her bunny-like visuals.

Chaeyoung Eyes Wide Open Story Ver
Chaeyoung Eyes Wide Open Story Ver from

They both look adorable instantly capturing the attention of viewers. If thats true some idols we know seem to have bigger windows than others. From G-Dragons red tight leather trousers and sparkly red oversized.

Whether it be for their deep set eyes with bold double eyelids.

Almost a year ago we collected a list of 5 Korean K-Pop male idols who get mistaken as mixed race. Ill try my best to name ones that havent been listed already in previous answers Sans neck freckles The freckles are faint but quite a rare and beautiful feature thats part of what makes San so special Taeyongs rose scar Truly so fascinat. Kpop music is one of the most addicting genres in the world. Moreover several of these K-pop idols can also act on screen.