Kpop Idols Who Speak German

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Kpop Idols Who Speak German. Here are 15 K-Pop Idols who dating foreigners. These idols have understood the need and have prepared themselves by mastering the ability to communicate in many different countries.


Jackson - GOT7 Hong Kong. His dad is an American of German descent and a Korean mother and was raised in. Lets take a look at some of these idols who can speak at least 3 different languages.

Huening Kai gained much attention even before his debut for being Big Hit Entertainments first-ever foreign idol.

2AM - Their accent needs a lot of work. Critique Feedback for Male K-Pop Idols. Their company hire a tutor for them and they are in a Korean environment all day long youre bound to learn something in that environment. Its impossible to name all of our foreign idols but here are 10 idols who have helped us relate better to the phenomenon called Kpop.