Kpop Idols Chubby Cheeks

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Kpop Idols Chubby Cheeks. In reality he is one of the slimmest members of the group with long toned legs and slim arms. Just try to resist the urge to pinch them.


In Taehyungs heart. They can be Kpop singers or actresses. I didnt forget no idol on purpose.

Well in my opinion there is only one kpop idol who is actually more on the chubby side but not like fat but still I dont know all kpop idols so there could be a whole kpop group dedicated to fat kpop idols in Japan there is one called fallen angel.

They can be Kpop singers or actresses. Sandeul is one of the senior idols on this list but he still has a baby face that makes people mistaken him for much younger. While there was definitely a time when sharp jawlines and chiseled abs were all the rage in K-pop trends have shifted to include a wide variety of softer and sweeter concepts. Only natural pretty actress and few kpop idols have round face like Kim Ok Bin i think Shin Min Ah have a bit rounder face.