Kpop Idol With Neck Tattoo

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Kpop Idol With Neck Tattoo. However for some people tattoos are a means of expressing oneself and healing including K-Pop idols. She has one on her shoulder a tiny letter tattooed on her middle finger one above the elbow and also another at the back of the neck.

Dean S Tattoo Korean R B Singer Dean Tattoo Neck Tattoo Tattoos
Dean S Tattoo Korean R B Singer Dean Tattoo Neck Tattoo Tattoos from

Each tattoo has a special meaning for these artists. As tattoos become less taboo in Korean society and more accepted as a form of self-expression more people are starting to get inked even idols. Collection of Kpop male idols tattoos Taeyong and Erics tattoos are neat I just hope they dont regret it Jimin looks soft but his tattoo is cool Looking at Jungkook s arm those things are disgusting and scary Wow Jungkook I didnt know that he has a lot of tattoos Everything is pretty but personally Victon Han Seungwoo s tattoo.

- Like father like son like master like man Nihilism.

While tattoos are sometimes frowned upon on idols in the Korean society here are some K-Pop idols with tattoos which hold a lot of meaning to them. Zico has numerous tattoos all over his body and isnt shy about showing them off. And those are the kinds of tattoos that help us get to know our idols better. Another member of Girls Generation Taeyeon has tiny tattoos scribbled all over.