Kpop Idol Hugging Knees

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Kpop Idol Hugging Knees. Make all your Idol dreams come true through these fluffy stories. For the trip you managed to place some of your alternative rock CDs incase Sehun fell asleep in the car and you could listen to them without being.


Temporary Idols Fandom Name. Temporary Idols Members Profile. Only K-pop idols and Korean actresses are allowed.

Hugging would be weird for the kpop idols and even the fans since it isnt normal over in Korea.

Low effort posting wont be tolerated. Songs usedSpecial Night - WINNERBaby U - Hoya ft. Check out the tallest 15 female K-pop idols here. Remarkably Sehun had the next week off from going to work but never being a Kpop idol so you two had planned a roadtrip not really having any destination but having a purpose which was to see the country beyond the walls of the city.