Kpop Idol Have No Mustache

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Kpop Idol Have No Mustache. Plastic surgery is a huge industry in Korea and it feeds into the expectations that K-pop idols always present themselves as perfect and beautiful. Its only hygienic for them to shave because of the number of dance practices they do.

Pin On Korean Entertainment My Favorite And Other Asian
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20 Male Idols With Facial Hair By Koreaboo. Youll be surprised what your favorite idols look like in our new list of 20 Male Idols Youve Probably Never Seen With Facial Hair Before. Here is a list of the Kpop Girl Groups Boy Groups Co-Ed Duets and Soloists born in August.

Its not surprising to know that there are.

While some of the people on this list trained extensively in South. 9 K-Pop Idols Who Rock Body Face Piercings. In the entire history of K-Pop there might be more non-Asian idols that have been in the industry than youre aware of. From funny mustaches to grizzly beards find out if your bias every grew out his facial hair.