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How To Look Like A Kpop Idol Quora. However these are the main qualities of an idol. Show discussion 19.

Who Has Or Had The Best Mullet In K Pop Quora Hairstyle Mullet Hairstyle Day6
Who Has Or Had The Best Mullet In K Pop Quora Hairstyle Mullet Hairstyle Day6 from

Singing rapping Log in or sign up. Im sure you know how common plastic surgery is in Korea since you are Korean. You will also need black or brown eyeliner eye shadows eyebrow liner teardrop liner which is kind of a glitter popular among Korean girls and lip tint.

But dont worry you can still manage to look like an idol by perfectly grooming your hair dying your hair in extravagant colors maintaining a healthy diet good skincare and dressing according to the trends of South Korean fashion.

I understand some of the editing to make it look more natural like the 2nd image with namjoon and the photo of junmyeon thought i dont think hed be that shiny lmao. Get skin care products including a lotion which makes your skin moist a primer base pore cover a liquid foundation like BB cream and face powder. Why Do Male K Pop Idols Wear Makeup Quora Korean Boy Without Makeup Saubhaya British Man Spends 75 000 To Look Like His Korean Boyband Idol Men In Makeup K Pop Male Celebrities Are Changing The Perception Flowerboys And The Appeal Of Soft Masculinity In South Korea Pin By Nicki Bea On Male Kpop Makeup Inspiration Bts Without Makeup Does Wear Korean boy without makeup saubhaya natural korean. MY FIRST ANSWER LMAO HAHAHAH ANYWAY on many occasions people say different things so.