How To Interview Kpop Idols

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How To Interview Kpop Idols. Kpop Idols At Award Shows In A Nutshell Copyright disclaimer. As a K-Pop idol taking care of oneself and managing hygiene probably requires different methods from that of an average person.

Pin By Mohantyshreya On On Off Leader Interview Kpop Idol
Pin By Mohantyshreya On On Off Leader Interview Kpop Idol from

Tiffany Park Tells All on Life As a K-pop Trainee from the story Guide on becoming a Kpop Idol by khtrn_bianca bianca with 1466 reads. We drew together ate Canadian snacks and someone ended up wearing a hula skirt. I do NOT own any photovideo audio in this video.

There was this one interview with kpop idols I think and one of their questions was something along the lines of When did you first start feeling like an adult and the other guy said when he was fined for littering or something.

Yes while one might assume that armpits arent exactly that important. In a new interview with AYO on YouTube the pair revealed how fans can help their favorite idols score brand endorsement deals. For more SUBSCRIBE to CNA INSIDER. Also maybe in another interview one of the same guys had a fake mustache on.