How Much Money Do Kpop Idols Earn

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How Much Money Do Kpop Idols Earn. Their earnings would go into paying back their debt. Discussion in K-POP started by Uni909 Jun 4 2020.


This is why kpop companies are trying to get into the Western markets. The US economic magazine reveals Bigbangs earnings of up to US 44 million or about Rp 576 billion a year. According to Prince Mak a former idol the group earns roughly 4000USD per show.

Richest Super Junior Members.

The group itself is worth more than 50 million. 1 Uni909 Jun 4 2020 V4ever likes this. Since the company had spend so much money on you once you debut you have to return all that money back. This number beat Maroon 5 which earned US 335 million or Rp 4385 billion in a year.