How Do Kpop Idols Have No Body Hair

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How Do Kpop Idols Have No Body Hair. On a more comical note some army used an app to add facial hair for Bangtan. Answered 2 years ago Pretty sure most of idols have done laser hair removal which permanently removes hair from the body since they have a lot of schedule and no time for shaving and waxing.

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Even K-Pop idols have to take care of themselves and even more so than others when it comes to public appearances. We all know by now K-beauty is a huge trend around the world. Features that make a man barbaric.

June 30th 2016 Sometimes the best thing we can do for ourselves is get a healthy dose of reality.

Its just a standard in the industry to shave facial hair as beards tend to add a few years which would go against the youthful looks trend. With very few exceptions K-pop idols generally conform to an. Some idols are known to keep their armpits cleanly shaved while others dont mind letting their pit hairs blow in the wind. After my How the Kpop World deals with Periods I got a lot of question about hair removal and just how Idols take care of their hair.