Female Kpop Idols Vocal Range

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Female Kpop Idols Vocal Range. She can also sing soulfully with. With 11 and 17 years of vocal training experience respectively Kim Young Min and Lee Gyeol are two of the most renowned singing coaches in K-Pop.

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Usually for males the distance between the first passaggio from chest voice to mixed voice and the second passaggio from mixed voice to head voice is only about a 4th apart whereas for females its about an octave apart. D3 C6 Re 3 Do 6 OCTAVES. She can also sing soulfully with.

Hongki FT Islands MV.

I think there is one called Hawsa or Hwasa I think - I love her voice shes the only once Ive found with an actual incredible voice in the kpop industry unless Ive confused. He was first known for competing in the show Kpop Star where he finished off as a runner-up. Zico Block B The adorable yet charismatic leader of Block B Zico had a very tough childhood due to a chronic condition. Eunji owns a sweet warm voice with a wide vocal range with thick and stable high notes.