Female Kpop Idols Aegyo

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Female Kpop Idols Aegyo. Here are 10 of the most aegyo female idols. Started by Seunghees eyebrows Oct 23 2017 0105 AM.

Aegyo Artis
Aegyo Artis from www.pinterest.com

Starting the list off strong is TWICE s Dahyun. This rapper has awesomely colorful hair an adorable bright smile and an. June 2013 at 346 AM.

And that aegyo shit she is doing all time doesnt exactly help her case either.

Aegyo plays a huge role in South Korean popular culture especially in idol girl groups. Rosie Jennie and Lisa 90 of the time talk in their aegyo voice. Idols often acting adorably and going out of their way to be cute has made the term aegyo become very common among K-pop fans. June 2013 at 346 AM.