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Estp Kpop Idols. Idols with this type are iKONs Jinhwan and TXTs Soobin. Raine0211 is a lover of all things Korean especially K-pop K-drama and Korean food.

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ESFP- ONE OF THE MOST COMMON TYPES in Kpop due to the fact that ESFPs are natural entertainers ex. Might be not 100 accurate - Jisoo BlackPink - Kim Lip Loona - ChungHa - Jihyo Twice I think theyre the most popular ESTJs in Kpop -. 7 Lagu K-Pop ini Bisa Membantumu Belajar Mencintai Diri Sendiri Banyak idol K-Pop yang menyenggol tentang isu self-love lewat lagu-lagu mereka.

Idols with this type are iKONs Jinhwan and TXTs Soobin.

Seems like more kpop fans are into MBTI than I thought so I would love more contributions to this blog since Im in school and post often. Adventurer ISFP-A ISFP-T Entrepreneur ESTP-A ESTP-T Entertainer ESFP-A ESFP-T. ESTPs are known to be smart energetic and very perceptive people who truly enjoy living on the edge. Send me your MBTI type how you got into K-pop top bias group and a typing of an idol.