Do Kpop Idols Sleep

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Do Kpop Idols Sleep. Why Do K-Pop Idols Go On Extreme Diets. Ok this is probably the most random shitpost and also applies to all celebrities in general not just Kpop idols but its like 1140pm here and I have school tmr so Im sorry for my sleep deprived brain.

Taekook Jungkook Bts Boys Jimin Jungkook
Taekook Jungkook Bts Boys Jimin Jungkook from

Korean society in general is structured so that most people dont get a lot of sleep not only pop idols. If their schedule permits they may add an extra hour or two. There had been many cases where K-pop stars fainted in the middle of a live performance had to cancel a.

During a new album release they may only get 2 to 3 hours of sleep since their schedules are filled with showcases and interviews.

Recording for music and variety shows can last an entire day and many idols have to travel extensively too. When they arrive home they write in their diaries because as I said k-pop trainees usually keep a diary every day to record their learning process. Audition How to become a kpop idol trainee training. It is basically a full-time job.