Do Hallyu Stars Look Down On Kpop Idols

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Do Hallyu Stars Look Down On Kpop Idols. Look how tables have turned BTS is the group Korean GP and media considers as TOP male group. I feel its because K-Actors pretty much strictly act but K-idols can go between the two with what seems to be no problem and its like stay-in-your-lane kind of thing.

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People get upset when other celebrities look down on idols but the reality is that a lot of them dont have anything to offer. If youve always wanted to record the soundtrack to your life or just any K-Pop song now is your chance. 8 K-Pop Idols and Celebrities Who Were Bullied For Being Biracial KATIE Mar 20 2017 Updated.

And a lot of users said that actors seem to look down on idols and in the sporting events we say the same reaction a little worse if you ask me so do you guys think that the people in entertainment industry look down on idols.

You got 10 out of 16 right. Calling all Hallyu fans press pause on the K-Pop song youre listening to because weve got just the thing thatll elevate your status as a K-Pop fan. This is why I cant stand when people hype up the whole Kpop idols spend years training before debut Like most groups have a ton of members and you cant even be bothered to sing for 10 seconds. IU has been publicly sharing her fans with the diet tips she personally uses to look slim and healthy.