Deep Voice Kpop Idols

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Deep Voice Kpop Idols. Yes i would. The BAP leader has such a deep and sexy voice it makes me want to just.


There arent many female idols with truly deep voices in my opinion. A true rap god TOP has perhaps the huskiest and sexiest voice in K-Pop rap. Similarly with K-Pop idols sometimes their voices dont match their faces at all.

Here are 17 male idols whose deep husky.

Even when hes just talking he makes fans hold their breath and hearts flutter when they listen to Chanyeols gentle and deep husky voice. The handsome 27 year old is tall and has a perfect body and can make you swoon with his rap. Idols vary widely in their vocal ranges with some having more control over higher notes while others are more skilled in the lower ranges. In an entertainment scene dominated by higher tones these deep-voiced idols definitely stand out.