Dark Skinned Male Kpop Idols

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Dark Skinned Male Kpop Idols. In a new Reddit thread K-pop fans got into a hilarious. Korean beauty and skincare is world famous for helping idols achieve the pop-star glam skin that they have.

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4 Fair-Skinned Korean Celebrities 5 Idols With Naturally DarkTanned Skin. Members of K-pop groups like Monsta X Red Velvet SF9 ATEEZ Momoland and Astro reveal their creative ways for achieving clear poreless complexion of your glass skin dreams. K-pop idols are incredibly talented not only on stage but also when off-duty.

We all know that having white tofu-like skin is considered a higher beauty in the Korean society.

5 Dark-skinned K-idols We Want To Steal. Hyorin has been known for rocking her naturally dark skin and even tanning in a world that encourages. Actresses have even been known to kill themselves over the expectation of prostitution. Its very rare for K-pop idols to have a public relationship with a same-sex idol but Seungho and BNish who are both members of the K-pop group DIP admitted that they are dating for years.