Dangers Of Idolizing Kpop Stars

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Dangers Of Idolizing Kpop Stars. Whenever we think of Korean celebrities we would think of glamour beautiful handsome talented etc etc. Or some other K-pop star who wears a size negative 2 dress and has a lucrative ad campaign contract with a soju company.

The Shocking Dark Side Of Bts And Other K Pop Groups
The Shocking Dark Side Of Bts And Other K Pop Groups from www.cheatsheet.com

Even waaaaay before I developed an ED Ive always had a strong preference for thin bodies in both men and women and of course for myself. Everyone of all ages is effected by celebrities but often teenagers are the ones who are the most impacted. If you are not careful the whole thing can be spoiled.

Even without the scantily-claddedness K-Pop has always been a bad influence on young people.

To inform fans about the dangers of sport celebrity worship sport organizations could create public service announcements on the damaging effects of parasocial relationships. Stella Kim is American-Korean. But heshe never tells you about the people who gave away in the beginning. There have been numerous instances of K-pop stars collapsing due to.