Cold Hearted Kpop Idols

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Cold Hearted Kpop Idols. When music composer Kang Hang-gyul Lee Hyun-woo meets young and talented singer Yoon So-rim Joy he chooses to hide his real identity. Hey readers those who will read this fanfic Thanks in advance Threre will some gramatical mistakes and spelling mistake Eng is not my first language Discription- Kim taehyung is a cold hearted omega who is in constant fear that some one would know his secret and he dosent want to reveal that secretHe is the youngest son of silver forest pack head alpha.

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That is a list of movies and dramas that the male main lead or is jerk just cold or that just ignore our or that is like the danger boy that changes for her female main lead. Liar And His Lover. Dramas with jerkscold male lead.

YN gave Jaemin 30 days to make her fall in love with him though YN already loves him she wants to know if he really loves her or not.

Again with another list of a trope I cant get enough ofI am a sucker for the cold male lead role no matter if the male is rich or poorSO here is a list of dramas Ive seen and loved or that are suggested to me to check out. Will Jaemin win YNs heart within 30 days or will he be left heartbroken. Dramas with jerkscold male lead. The K-Pop idol is currently busy preparing his role for the upcoming drama series MY ID Is Gangnam Beauty as the character Do KyungSeok a rich handsome and intelligent college student.