Can You Be A Kpop Idol If You Are Black

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Can You Be A Kpop Idol If You Are Black. Asians might have a bit of an advantage but if youre non-Asian you are still welcomed to take this test. Celebrities Fame Music Kpop K Pop Kpop Idol.


Meet Alex Reid the First Black K-Pop Idol. Being born in Korea isnt a requirement to be a K-pop star though it helps. If you are full black this is how you can become a kpop artist and its possible First become an American idol and work for sony entertainment and be very popular like Nicki Minaj Justin Bieber Eminem etc.

Youre about to find out.

Yes my whole group works together to write songs. No I let the company choose. But Im half-Korean and half-Chinese so I started watching South Korean TV dramas like Boys Over Flowers and Playful Kiss - and then fell in love. Confessions on how I got signed to a Kpop idol Company to become a Kpop idol.