Can I Use Informal Hello To Kpop Idol

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Can I Use Informal Hello To Kpop Idol. There is no need to bow when you are greeting someone informally though you could if you want to. Remember that this is for fun and is not at all meant to be taken seriously.


If you use 반말 upon first meeting someone you will likely be considered rude. Its equally easy to make him laugh and go mad he cannot imagine life without dancing and workouts and hes afraid of mice. Published February 13 2020 February 13 2020 11820 takers.

I know mine isnt the best either but I tried my best and I hope you enjoy.

In Korea and among K-pop fans the term K-pop really refers to idol music or the musicians who make up the immediate mainstream. Interestingly 안녕 means hello but also goodbye. Annyeong 안녕 can also be used to say Goodbye. So Koreans will say 안녕 when they meet but also 안녕 as they go their separate ways.