Can I Be A Kpop Idol If I Cant Sing

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Can I Be A Kpop Idol If I Cant Sing. If you cant sing. Approved and edited by BuzzFeed Community Team.


A recently posted topic in a Korean community site has sparked a debate amongst netizens as it brought up a question about idols who cant sing or idols who cant dance. So K-pop seemed like a route to achieving my dreams. 1im a christian and recently i heard news about kpop being illuminatiwhat should i dois it a sin to become kpop idol.

Kpop Idols Cant Sing.

When I first heard a Kpop group sing live it sounded like shit. Its rare to hear idols breathing into the mic. You cant say nothing about Sohee not being able to sing when the whole group cant after 5 years. ALSO this is what I know and I dont think that this can be true I readed about it in facts of YG Entertaiment so I dont know about other companies.