Can A White American Become A Kpop Idol

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Can A White American Become A Kpop Idol. I hope you enjoyed this quiz and I hope you enjoy the results the last question I want to ask is. Even i had very big desire to become a kpop idol.

Who Are The Palest Kpop Idols Quora
Who Are The Palest Kpop Idols Quora from

Simply because they arent Asian is the main reason why they cannot be K-pop idols. Sure anyone can become an idol if they try hard enough. If they do the company will most likely be very small and unknown.

Alexandra Alex Reid became the first African American musician to slowly break down this barrier in 2015 as the first Black K-pop idol.

But it is strange to see that in discussing this topic no one among the supposed devotees of Korean pop music brings up the fact that K-pops number one band has a white member and it has been that way for a whole year. But i decided to use my talents for the glory of my motherland if i can. Its only meant for Asians and if a Non-Asian were in a group than it wouldnt be K-pop anymore. Being halfway from fitting to the kpop idol lifestyle is very.