Bi Kpop Idols

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Bi Kpop Idols. Korean society still does not usually accept Gays in Korean society. The singer-turn-vlogger who found fame as a member of the girl group WAUP back in 2013 took to her Instagram stories claiming that shes into both genders.

Pin By Elizabeth Marchand On Asian Kpop Idol Blue Eyes Idol
Pin By Elizabeth Marchand On Asian Kpop Idol Blue Eyes Idol from

SoMi may be used to all the flashing lights and the stares of envy today but she says there was a time when she hated the stares that she got for being biracial. Being born under a Netherland-Canadian dad and a Korean mom SoMi had. Fans of the 2017 Korean reality show Idol School will remember Som Hye as she was a contestant.

When her mother remarried in 1998 their stepfather Lee Hong-heon legally adopted her and her sister Lee Da-in who is also an actress.

Still whether with sensible reason or not fans wont let things go. Im not sure how asexuals would fit. K-pop sensations iKON have been rocked by BI quitting the group following a drug controversy. Though all of them have different features and all gay men have their own ideal types common factors found in these boys were adorable round eyes and a puppyish face.