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Best Idol Rappers Kpop. If were talking about K-pop girl-bands with an amazing rapper 2NE1 will be the first one to pop into our head. Currently working on breaking into the US.

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CL is the leader of girl group 2NE1. There are so many talented and amazing male kpop rappers out there but if you want to know which male rappers are considered as the best male rappers of K-pop then stick to this post to find out. BEST MALE IDOL RAPPERS IN KPOP BTS iKON Stray Kids NCT moreJOIN THE DEFENDERS.

With a rapid fire flow and an unmistakable voice Zelo is certainly an idol rapper not to go unnoticed.

Although I am a huge fan of Bang Yong Guk when I think of K-pops finest. The Best Male Rappers In K-pop Right Now. Zelo is not only a strong rapper but also an amazing dancer. The 1 st place belongs to this rapper from BTS with a enormous percent 681 Different from Suga and RM two members of BTS who were underground rappers before becoming idols J-Hope only started rapping after he became a Big Hits trainee.