Being A Kpop Idol Or Normal Life

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Being A Kpop Idol Or Normal Life. Photos for each question were picked randomly. K-pop idols to have a happy life.

Onewe Yonghoon Korean Idol Kpop Idol Boy Groups
Onewe Yonghoon Korean Idol Kpop Idol Boy Groups from

Your Life As A Kpop Idol Quiz. It felt weird getting used to normal life again as the intense training and dieting made the months feel like. Are made under pseudonyms so they can openly express their obsessions online without interrupting their normal lives.

It had been almost two months since I quit my training at JYP and worked part time at our familys cafe.

And if all that was happening while at the same time like 90 of people everywhere Ive just been trying and doing my best to be a good human being as much as I know how while being sleep deprived hungry cos I have to be skinny and. You could be working 20 hours or even a whole day former group member. Being a K-pop star comes with a hefty price in the form of losing your private life. I know mine isnt the best either but I tried my best and I hope you enjoy.