Average Kpop Idol Salary

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Average Kpop Idol Salary. Before many K-pop groups only lasted a few years which meant their window to make real money was very limited. 36000 YG Entertainment female employees average annual salary.

Kpop Idol Salary Revealed Former Kpop Idols Girlstyle Singapore
Kpop Idol Salary Revealed Former Kpop Idols Girlstyle Singapore from girlstyle.com

Your favorite K-pop stars are making bank and largely have their international fans to thank for it. Prince Mak says that an average rookie K-pop idol group earns about USD4000 per show more if overseas which is then broken down to a 9010 split between the company and the artist. Bigbang is included in the Forbes list of 100 best paid celebrities.

YG Entertainment male employees average annual salary.

28000 JYP Entertainment had the lowest income gap between male and female employees whereas YG Entertainment had the highest income gap among the three agencies. This is the reason that the musicians and icons are well known around the world particularly the Korean idols. Korean music industry is extremely popular in the whole world. According to the statistics of Korean National Tax Service the upper 1 of Korean singers earned 26 million USD averagely in 2015 and the upper 10 of them earned 510000 USD averagely in the year.