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Are Kpop Idols Rich Reddit. Joined Nov 21 2020 Messages 210 Reaction score 475 Koins 179 Pronouns A Sone. Coming in at 9 for the richest Kpop idol is TOP.

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I know for BTS at least and a majority of kpop groups have spent a lot of time in debt and luxuries like this are something that theyve worked really hard for and have earnedbut God do I despise rich people. In this regard here are the K-pop idols who have rich and influential family backgrounds who chose to start as an ordinary trainee to attain their goals of becoming an idol. These people actually believe that Koreans would care.

Some look for a more normal job with or without proper life skills some do seek and have proper education.

This member of TWICE is one of the richest girls in the K-Pop as their parents are mayoritas investors hospitals more expensive to Taiwan taking into account that also have efforts made to put some money into fields cosmetic surgery the idol attended expensive and exclusive schools. So yes once becoming an idol and hopefully the idol is earning they do have disposable income - but its still not yet rich to the point of breaking six figures Im presuming for most rookies. He released the album GD TOP in 2010 which hit 1 in Korea. In a new video titled BTS on how much money a Kpop idol makes Prince Mak sheds some light on just how much money the average K-pop idol earns.