Are K Pop Stars Rich

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Are K Pop Stars Rich. PSY is one of the richest K-pop stars in Korea making nearly 8 million from the song Gangham Style alone. The quartet-girl group is also one of the richest K-pop groups as of 2020.

3 Rich Kids Kpop Stars Blackpink And Twice Rich Kids Blackpink Kpop
3 Rich Kids Kpop Stars Blackpink And Twice Rich Kids Blackpink Kpop from

K-pop stars are not only rich in loyal fans fame and success but also just plain rich. Although K-pop stars cannot be compared to American celebrities because they make only a fraction of what their American counterparts make these rich celebs are not living the starving artist life but living large and lavish. Hes been surpassed by JYJ member Kim Jae-joong Psy G-Dragon and others.

Frankly K-Pop stars arent even supposed to associate with people who dont share their gender.

With Korean idol entertainers entering the industry as young as 15 years old it is no wonder that they are able to amass a sizeable amount of wealth before they even hit 20. Every K-pop group and idols are working hard to reach their success but indeed debuting on a Korean Entertainment and agency is a huge perk for branding and advantages during training dorms. Overall he is worth approximately 45 million. His fathers property is valued as about 01 Billion US.