Anorexia Kpop Idols

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Anorexia Kpop Idols. And even worse is putting the phrase thinanorexic as if they are the same thing. Lizzy former member of After School.

Are There K Pop Idols Who Are Anorexic Quora
Are There K Pop Idols Who Are Anorexic Quora from

Tbh Im mostly a BTS fan they are my whole life but I like looking at female groups for thinspo since a lot of female idols are very thin. Kpop idols are known to limit their intake and follow strict diet plans especially before an appearance. Koreans value thin girls often tall too.

It seems crazy that Koreas sweetheart would ever have an eating disorder but she has been very open with her past fight against bulimia.

Member of a Seoul-based college dance group Lee Hyo-min not her real name says she has no fancy tricks up her sleeve when it comes to dieting. Sometimes eating disorders can be seen as taboo but a few idols were unafraid and stepped up to the plate to shine a little light on the health issue. Twice is my fave. Yoona SNSD Rosé BLACKPINK.